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Jul 13, 2009

The woman formally known as the fashionista

So I was once told I was a hijabi fashionista. I never quite agreed and now after becoming a mommy….well lets just say my black hijabs have become my friend, MY BEST FRIEND. It’s funny cause when I was prego I wore shoes n stuff, but perhaps that’s because I was working and ya know had to be presentable. Hmmm this is sounding bad. I’m not slumping around in like sweats nor have I lost my ability to match. What I’m saying is I need a new look. Not for me, for MY dd. I want her to grow up saying, “I got a fly mom” not “mommy don’t walk me to school”. I guess she will say that anyway (lol I remember my mom walking across the street from us on the way to school so we can be grown, oh my future). I want her to think wearing the hijab is cool, that she has options. I don’t want her to associate the hijab with a frumpy mummy. So I gotta step it up a notch. Nothing too crazy. Maybe some new styles of wearing hijab, a bow here a flower there. Spice it up. When I’m no longer broke I can expand to new clothes. But we will make do with what we have for now. I have plenty of hijabs, so I should have plenty of options.
With that I have found a few hijab tutorials online. I will post some links here.

Below are youtube channels that feature several different hijab tutorials.


aberdeenchap's Channel

GWHijabi Channel

ateeq1588's Channel

HijabulousTV: How-To's

Below are some examples

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