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Segmented thoughts

Jul 13, 2009


I think I will approve the Disney Movie Tinkerbell. Of course I will have to watch the movie again before I make my final call, but from what I remember it seems decent. I love the fact that the movie is about her finding and loving herself and not some prince (Not that being in love isn’t wonderful, I myself “wanna be like those girls in the movies”, but which girl? and what Woman do I want my DD to grow up to be?). Equally refreshing is her job. She is a handywoman and an inventor. Yes, the movie shows her saving the day with her mind and skills, not her oh so perfect good looks. This is not to say that the movie was faultless. Old habits die hard. Tinker bell was of course dressed in no more fabric than what was used to make my hijab. Her transformation from the oversized clothes to the where is the rest of it outfit resulted in a fellow fairy’s eyes bugging out (at least it wasn’t a black fairy’s eyes). I guess if they changed her outfit too much she may not be recognizable (huumm). I’ll let it slide a lil. One jacked up message as opposed to the whole movie dripping with misogynistic messages is manageable. After all she is my daughter and will have to learn that although she able to stop traffic, it is far more self respecting and virtuous to relay on and tastefully (not boastfully) display her mind and not her behind.

The movie even made attempts to be multicultural. Yes, I admit before I got into the movie I was counting how many Black fairies(Iridessa,Raven Simon and Lily were the most shown Black faries) there were. Of course there were far less Black fairies than White, but I give it to them it did seem to be an Asian fairy(Silvermist, Lucy Liu in the mix. Oh and let me not forget that there were male fairies as well. Their jobs were still masculine; two were tinkers like tinker bell and one was in charge of giving out the magic dust. Notice I didn’t say any were rulers. Yes, this fairy world was lead by women and it functioned like clockwork. How’s that for empowerment? I know some people will be like the men should also have jobs that tap into their softer sides or they should have positions of power. But, I am satisfied with their roles in their community Pixie Hollow. It was a middle ground; not too wimpy, not too I’m Man, You Woman. I guess at the end there was a part when her two male friends carried the music box for her, with her sitting on it. Not that she has to be macho woman but I’m sure she was able to carry it herself. I tell you she was just trying to make them feel important and give ‘em a reason to visit the mainland. Besides, after all that inventing she deserved a break and just because you can do it all doesn’t mean you always have to (we’d get worn out). Anyway, let’s look at the male fairies as sprinkles on ice cream, there to top it off but far from necessary. This movie and response is about what Tinkerbell would say to Nuriyah should she get the opportunity. I say the conversation would go something like this.

Nuriyah: Your nickname is Tink, I have an Aunty Tink.

Tinkerbell: You do? My friends Bubble and Clank gave me that nickname, but you know I was not always proud of it.

Nuriyah: You weren’t? I was not always proud of my name either until I found out what it meant. In Arabic it means radiant, brilliant and in Hebrew it means light of God. I even like the nick name my umi gave me, Ayah; it means miracle in Arabic. I know it means other things in other languages but I forgot we can ask my mommy if you want though. Do you like your name now because of its meaning?

Tinkerbell: It’s ok we don’t have to ask your mommy. If she found out that children can talk to Disney characters telepathically she’d never let you watch another Disney movie again. I guess you could say that I like my name because of its meaning. I’m named Tinkerbell because I’m a tinker fairy. Tinker fairies make and fix things. They say I’m the most gifted of all Tinker fairies, but at first I was determined to be something I wasn’t. Not only did I hurt myself but I hurt the fairies closest to me.

Nuriyah: Did you say sorry? And why didn’t you want to be gifted? Being gifted is cool, I’m in the gifted class at my school and my umi says that Malcolm x said "Without education, you're not going anywhere in this world."

Tinkerbell: I agree with your mommy education is important you should listen to what she says, mommies are pretty much always right, especially your mommy she is one intelligent woman. Now I’m proud of whom I am. I’m now determined to use my talents to help my community. Not only do I invent things that revolutionize Pixie Hallow but I try to help the world as well. I fly around and talk to little girls like you. I tell them don’t be ashamed of who you are stand tall, don’t waste your talents use them all, remember what Malcolm said a stumble is not a fall (I like Malcolm too). Don’t be afraid to humble yourself and apologize, nobody likes a snooty-pa-touttie, don’t listen to those other Disney movies, you’re way too young to be thinking about some cutie and give back to your community it’s your duty.

Nuriyah: You forgot one.

Tinkerbell: I did?

Nuriyah: You don’t have to display all your beauty. Why do you wear miniskirts in the winter anyway, you’re gonna catch a cold.

Tinkerbell: Well fairies don’t get sick but your right, that one is a work in progress for me…we can always improve ourselves, remember that too.

Yes, I told you I’m raising a beautiful, spiritual, genius child, insha’allah.

Written January 2009

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