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Jul 14, 2009

Islamic fashion is catching.

Maybe you have caught a news clip on Muslim fashion on the news. But if you’re like me you missed it. Not much to say other than here are clips of Islamic fashion in the news. Just a lil bit cool.

Muslim Girl Magazine and fashion on The today show

Click here to watch France 24 International News cover Muslim fashion in Turkey.

Click here to watch Riazat Butt cover Sarah Elenany's clothing line on news show The Guardian. You can also check out Elenany's website here.

Click here -> Rabia Z to go to Rabia Zargarpur'S website.
You can also view interviews with her here on Current TV and here on CBS.

While the previous designers do work for the average muslima Jean Fares is all about couture. His and Rabia Yalcin's designs can be seen at the infamous stage or New York Fashion week. Check out Jean Fares web site here -> Jean Fares and view an interview with him on New Tang Dynasty Television here

Like Jean Fares Rabia Yalcin does couture for Hijabis and non-hijabis. View her interview on cbs here and another here.. Also take a look at her website

Find out about young up and coming designers Nyla Hashmi and Fatima Monkush here at atl Muslimah and read more about them here and check out there clothing line here

For more hijabi fashion check out my modern muslima list.

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