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Segmented thoughts

Jul 13, 2009

So you stumbled across my blog

Many have suggested that I start a blog but for some reason the idea never sat too well with me. Do I share my personal writings? If not what would I write about? Everything? Nothing? Do I pick a part of my personality or just write freely? And who has time for blogs anyway? Well I now have all the time in the world and no time at all. I still have everything and nothing to share. Why now? What’s different today? Nothing has changed, other than being in a different place in life. I am closing one chapter and starting another. But this chapter of my life I will record here. So feel free to flip through the pages of me. Here I’m sure you will find poetry I wrote and poetry I like, hair care advice, all things mommy, book reviews and my reflections on teaching and learning all from the perspective of a young black muslima. I welcome you to read the randomness that is me; I welcome you to my mind.

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow. I love the intro to your blog. I look forward to reading more of you, lol.


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