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Nov 2, 2010

Somebody please call a doctor.

So if you know me you know I love toys that encourage imaginary play. What you don't know if I once longed to be a doctor. I adored my first
doctor set. It has been at least 20 years since I have set eyes on it and I still remember the kit. It came with a stethoscope that had blue ear buds, yellow tubing and a red chest
piece; a needle, band aids and more all in a black doctor bag. So naturally I hope to eventually provide my daughter with a
kit that will provider her with her own fond memories. A kit with a more eco friendly twist, of-course. I have heard other mommies complain about the lack of doctor kits made from natural material, but I have come across a few.

The first set I cam across was in Target(Shown above). The plawonder brand sold by target markets wood toys at a reasonable price; at just $17.19. My First Doctor Set is not 100% wood, but if you are looking for a nice adorable, easily found option, this set is far from disappointing.

Soopsori is perhaps the most beautiful doctor kit I have come across. This eco friendly Japanese company sells high end, high quality toys in U.S. and Canada, Australia, Japan and Korea. This set retails for $39.95. (Shown at above at right)

Another high end doctor set can be found at Bright Button Toys. This 11 piece set includes stethoscope, surgical mask, doctor's jacket, thermometer, scissors, otoscope, cough syrup and aspirin all in acute red case. At $49.95, this set includes what your child needs to jump start their imaginary career in medicine and more.

The popular German company Haba also sells a doctor
kit. Unlike the others this kit is made of metal and wood. It comes with a prescription pad, pencil, tongue depressor, wooden syringe, medicine tube, tube of ointment, spoon, thermometer, 4 band aids, an elastic bandage in a wooden case. Surprisingly (Haba tends to be costly) it cost about $29.
(Shown above to the right)

Different from the other sets, this last kit is plush. This eco friendly doctor kit is made from environmentally friendly rubber by wonderworld. It is available for about $27. (Shown to the left)

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