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Nov 26, 2010

Oh Snap...Hair Snaps!!!

Although I live in a city know to have it all, it is not always possible to find all of the hair supplies I want in one store. I have come across three hair sites that sell the hair snaps I love so much. I have found three sites all mommy operated, dedicated to selling hair accessories that make you reminisce the days when your mother did your hair.

Snapaholics is the first site I discovered. The site sells hair snaps, hair beads, hear ballies, barrettes and more. This mommy has a U.S. and Australian site. It is also the sister site to Keep me Curly.

Another site I stumbled across is Curly Princess Hair Boutique. This mommy sells beads, barrttes, ballies and snaps.

The last site I came across is Shuruba. Shuruba
means Hair braids in Amharic, the language of the children this mommy adopted from Ethiopia. This Canada based shop ships to Canada and the U.S.. She has a variety of snaps, combs and brus
hes, headbands, barrettes, beads, hair and skin products and caps.

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