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Nov 27, 2010

If I had a boy I'd buy him a doll

I have realized that most of my post are directed towards daughters, with a few gender neutral post here in there. This is because I have a daughter, but I have come across a few toys that have made me say "If I had a boy". So here is the first of a few post on toys I'd buy if I had a son.

I have seen some articles on people who are conflicted about or strictly against boys playing with dolls. Now I do not have a son, but I think that if I were to be blessed with one I would not only allow, but buy him a doll (or two). Now I'm sure he wouldn't have a doll collection that would resemble my daughters (although its only 2 dolls large at the moment I anticipate its growth), just as she wouldn't have a toy car collection that resembles his (she is the proud owner of a C9 pink, X9 purple and M9 aqua automoblox, I do not foresee it growing), still I'd buy him
a few.

Here is my thinking. I am not opposed to raising "manly men", however I think balance should be introduced. Boys and thus men tend to have difficulty being nurturing, and expressive of their emotions. Dolls encourage nurturing behavior. Furthermore children imitate what they see their parents do. Long before my daughter had a doll she was feeding and pampering other objects. I suspect any future son I have will do the same.

So here are my top 5 boy dolls (I may expand it to top ten soon).

Nighty-Night doll by The Childrens Factory(formally Fanny's Play House). I think I am in love with this company, they are known for their diverse dolls. The nighty-night doll comes in an African American, Caucasian, Hispanic and Asian version. It also has a version with down syndrome and several girl options. This doll is adorable, it comes wearing pajamas and carrying a teddy bear with matching pajamas. Did I mention it is machine washable.

The Childrens Factory does it again with these anatomically correct Baby Bottoms doll. Like all of their doll this potty doll is available a variety of races. It also comes with a baby bjorn style potty. My daughter actually owns the female version of this doll.

K's Kids Micheal doll. Actually I considered buying the sister doll Barbra for my dd. The dolls are 12 inches and come with loops to be attached to a stroller or crib. They are machine washable and infant safe. They are also affordable at about $13, and easily found at major toy companies.

Baby Sam (this may not be the real name), by Manhattan Toy the brother doll to baby stella. It has just about all the features that made baby stella become my dd first doll. It has a magnetic mouth to hold a pacifier. Unfortunately this doll only comes in one variety, Caucasian. I am not sure if it is anatomically correct like stella is.

Bur Bur is a Biracial boy and the main
character of a book series. He has several accessories, like a base ball and bookbag. He also has friends, that are characters in his story. Best of all he is reasonably priced at about $12.

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  1. When I asked my two-year-old (boy) what he plays with at hidana, he said, "Babies." He loves his baby Mourad, or Moro, more than anything else he has...except maybe his books!


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