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Nov 3, 2010

Potty training

So we have started to walk down the long road of potty training. The first potty I purchased was one that sits on the toilet. This was when she was just an infant and I had decided that I would try Elimination Communication. Well that failed. My babe was terrified of the toilet.

Some months down the line, when she was about 18 months I purchased a simple potty. No princess characters, no lights bells or whistles, a basic affordable potty. My purchase was inspired by my DD discovery of a new talent, how to remove a diaper. I even purchased a potty training movie by barron and a book. They were both amusing to her but I doubt they had any impact on her choice to use the potty.

In fact I'm sure that the most sucess we have had is due to her imitating. But I am afraid our potty training milestones have taking a break. It may be due to our new use of pull ups. So I have decided to make the switch to training pants.

I was hesitant because the thought of cleaning them is no more enticing then the thought of cleaning the free standing potty. But I will take one for the team. After its great ratings I decided to go with the potty patty brand of training pants. What I predict to be a days worth was comparable to a pack of pull ups, so I suppose they will be well worth it shall they work.

I decided not to go for the complete potty patty system(their is also potty scotty) for a number of reasons. The first being it is about $100. We also have no need for the potty, since we own one. Lastly, the doll lacks diversity. As in they are only cacasion.

I did however decide to buy her a potty doll. I decided on the The Childrens Factorys baby bottoms potty doll.(Their whole line of dolls is pretty amazing) Simply because it was the only African American cloth potty doll I could find.(I am not a fan of plastic toys). I think she will be a good complement to my DD baby Stella doll(her first doll).Furthermore, I appreciate the fact that the doll is available in many varieties, Asian, Hispanic, Caucasian and African American. Since it is in essence a rag doll it does have one short coming when compared to the potty patty. It can not actually pee.

However, one frugal creative mom gave me an idea to overcome that minor detail. She took a doll and attached a small shampoo bottle filled with yellow water to the back of it and presto! A urinating doll. Once my amazon purchase arrives I feel I will be prepared to continue our potty training journey.

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