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Nov 28, 2010

If I had a boy I'd buy him a GRILL

This is the second post in the If I had a boy series. A while back when I was looking for a stove to purchase for my daughter I came across some beautiful toy grills. With having a stove I do not think my dd needs a grill as well. But if I were to have a boy, I'd buy him a grill. My thinking is, we'd already have a toy stove, no need for another.

So you know I am a fan of Melissa and Doug. Well they have the cutest grill. It's portable and affordable, what more could you ask for? It comes complete with food and skewers. This toy is about 20$
although you may be able to purchase it for less on an Amazon sale. Seen at right.

The Eduo Go Anywhere Grill is similar in concept and price to the Melissa and Doug grill. For a slightly higher price than the Melissa and Doug grill you get 2 steaks, fish and movable charcoal. Shown to the left, this grill is about 30$.

Plan Toys also produces a table top produces a table top grill. Their grill is special, because their company is committed to being green. The toy is made out of recycled
rubberwood . This toy might cost you a few dollars more than the Eduo grill.

Kids Toy Charchoal Barbeque Playset is the only non wood set you will find on this list. This grill is so realistic looking. In fact it is pretty much a replica of my grill. For about 30$ you can purchase it off Amazon or from Pearle kids. Shown to the right

My Backyard BBQ Set by Hape toys is with out a doubt one of the top grills. Not only is it realistic looking but it is eco friendly. It has four turnable burners, and a removable grill top. It does not come with food, but you can purchase their BBQ fixins starter set which has food and condiments. This toy will cost you about 100$. It is on the
more pricey side but it is comparable to top toy stoves.

For another large grill check out Kid Krafts Grill N Bake Kitchen. This is a two sided kitchen that features a traditional kitchen on one side and a grill on the other. It is by far the most costly at about 200$, but you do get two for one.

Lastly, If you are the do it your self type person, you may be interested in this article on Ohdeehoh. It is step by step directions to making your own toy grill.

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