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Oct 5, 2010

The perfect hat for my perfect baby

So a friend and I were talking about how glad we were that we have winter coats for our little ones, now that the weather has made such a quick switch in temperature. I am proud to say that I will save on a winter coat this year since the one I brought last winter was on the big side and she is still able to fit it. She also still fits her winter hats, but sadly they don't fit her.

What I mean is although they do a good job at keeping her head warm, they do nothing for her natural hair. In fact they wreck havoc on it. Us naturally kinky and curly haired women know that the same soft fleece goodness that keeps our heads and ears nice and warm also suck all the moisture out of our hair. I tried several things to prevent this last year, from putting tons of leave in conditioner and moisturizer to putting a sleeping cap under her hat. All failed attempts.

Fortunately, someone was genius enough to come up with a solution. SATIN-LINED HATS! I promise you one day I am going to invent something revolutionary. But this time around Curly Zebra beat me to the punch. I must say I'm glad they did because these hats are super cute. They come in three styles pillbox, chullo and stocking. My favorite ones all happen to be chullo, perhaps because my daughter is still young enough to yank hats off.

What is even more fabulous then a fabulous hat you ask? A free fabulous hat! You can win one for free at one of my favorite blogs Happy Girl Hair.

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