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Segmented thoughts

Oct 4, 2010

Islamic Introspection

Inspired by khutba given by Imam Sirwaj Wahaj on 9/24/10

I am spiritually inclined to voice what has been sitting heavy on my mind
How is that we are able to find, 1 million things wrong with our brothers and sisters
And not see their beauty inside

Salaams unreturned
Because her jilbab isn’t black
Or worse because her skin is

Segregated masjids
Judgmental statements
As if we are THE authority on what Islam is.

We speak the Quran
But do not listen to what it tells our hearts
We pray without internalizing the words we say

We act like being Muslim is the new fad
Our life in the sunna is limited with those dunya habits that were bad
We push each other away with our poor adab
Act crazy and then wonder why the world looks at us if we are mad

Our character is tragic
On the borderline of munafic

We are on some
Serial monogamy
Undercover polygamist
Drug dealing
Husband stealing
Wife beating
Steady cheating

And we wonder why
Our children do not pray
People come to Islam but so not stay
Why the people in the news have so much negativity to say

Well news flash, the junk in your trunk stinks
And I will be the first to admit so does mine
It is high time; we look at ourselves in the mirror
I stand here before you as your reflection
We need to walk in a new direction
Do some soul searching, some introspection
Purify our hearts and liberate our minds
Practice what we preach
Do some nation building
Reach out for some spiritual healing
Walk the walk, not just talk the talk
Man up to the task
Ask not what your community can do for you
But what you can do for your community
Strive for sincere, not superficial unity
Treat your sister like your sister,
Your, brothers like your brothers
And your elders like your father or mother
Matter of fact treat your mother right

It is time to admit to ourselves
What is wrong is wrong, and what is right is right
If actions speak louder than words
We need to make sure that it is our good deeds that are heard.

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