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Oct 4, 2010

Lets cook!!!

So I have been on the hunt for a wooden kitchen set for my DD for quite some time now. As you know I am a bit, um particular. I want a wooden kitchen as opposed to a plastic one. My reasoning being they are more solid, beautiful, natural, eco friendly, the list can go on. My only problem is they are also really expensive. Even the cheap mass produced ply wood kitchens cost $125.99 and up. Forget about the handmade or solid wood kitchens those are easily $300 and up. My second problem is room. Kitchens are rather large and we certainly do not have room. So I came up with a solution, bye a portable kitchen. This cut the price and the size. Plus she can use it in her room and in the kitchen with out me having to break my back transporting it.

I have looked at several kitchens and have decided on this one The Little Kitchen by Mama Made Them. This is the only portable kitchen I found with four burners, a sink and an oven!!! I'm thinking we can store the pots and pans I will eventually buy in the oven. What makes it better is handmade. :-D It also doesn't hurt that the person who makes it is a single mother, a more appealing person to give my money to. I am super excited for her kitchen to arrive.

Here are other portable kitchens that were in the running for my money were.

Andrea's Table top wood kitchen, another handmade kitchen.

The Land of the Nod's portable kitchen,

This sleek kitchen is cool, particularly if you have a modern style home.

And if you can spare the expense this Chef's Portable Kitchen is very nice as it pays attention of details.

Lastly, the popular Alex manufactures two small kitchens, In My Kitchen and Wooden Cook Top.

If you want an affordable eco-friendly full sized option you may be interested in reading this aricle by Growing a Green Family.

Since I was in the mood to shop I decided to window shop for a pot and pan set to accompany her kitchen. This of course lead to me purchasing a set. I purchased the Retro Jr. Chef Enamel Cookware Set by Schylling. It won me over with its reasonable price, realistic look and rating on durability. I think the blue will add a pop of color, (and be gender neutral shall I have a son in the future) while the wooden handle and stainless steal utensils will match her kitchen nicely. It is available from several places like Walmart and F.A.O Schwartz, but of-course I brought it for less then 25 at Amazon.

This decision was almost as difficult as my kitchen purchase. There are many options available. Here are a few of my favorites.

The popular Melissa and Doug as the highest rated set I have seen. It is a very cute, sturdy wood set.

Alex has a few stainless steel options ranging in price from $23 to 35. Some of their options include a tea pot and even a baking set.

There are even some eco friendly options. Plantoys and wonderworld also offer eco-friendly wood sets. If you are not opposed to plastics you may be interested in Oopma's set. It is made from recycled milk jugs. The concept is cool and it is a very nice colorful set. ( shown above)

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