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Segmented thoughts

Jan 25, 2010


So I was reading my friends blog and she wrote a post about what she is thankful for. I love the idea. I feel that lately I complain too much. So at my attempts to be more thankful I post the following ten things I am grateful for. You know what this week my students are writing thank you letters so I mine as well join them.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~January 25, 2010
Dear Allah,
~~~~~Thank you for your many blessings. I know I often think about the things that are and are not going as planned in my life. Please forgive me for my frequent complaints. I know your blessings are innumerable but her are ten specific things I am thankful for.

my daughter
my five senses
my mother
my friends
dairy (specifically, chocolate, cheese and ice cream)
my ability to read
modern communication (email/ phone)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever grateful,

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