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Jan 30, 2010

Baby and Child Hair Care Care

So as a part of my new commitment to taking better care of my booba's hair I have compiled a list of baby products that I have or will try. The products on this list are either designed for children, toddlers or babies. Most if not all of these products are natural and organic. Most are also specifically designed for cury/kinky hair. As most of these companies sell products for adults and or other products I have linked you directly to the baby and children's products when possible.

Baby love
by Aubrey's Organics

2) Baby Butter Cream by Miss Jessie

3) Blended Cutie by Blended Beauty

4) Baby Bee by Burt's Bee's is the first products I used, ok but a bit drying on the skin. Since their focus is not hair they do not have a conditioner. They make a lot of other products including diaper cream, powder. the whole line smells good with the exception of the diaper cream.

5) California Baby the best baby product I have used thus far!

Curlisto Kids
by Curlisto

7) Carol's Daughter They have a really cute limited edition Princess Tiana line.

8)Curly Q's by Curls

Earth's Best
We have tried the shampoo and lotion, like Burt's Bee's it's a bit drying and they have a variety of other products from diapers and wipes to baby food. We love their baby food.

10) Ebene Kids

11)Fairy Tales

12) Fuzzy Duck by Mop Top I love the smell and size of this product. It became my go to when I ran out of California Baby.

13) It's a Curl! the baby line by Curls This collection works really well, however the smell is too sweet my my taste.

14) J. Blossom this line is too cute

15) Kinky-Curly Tiny Twirlsby Kinky Curly

16) Kinky, Wavy Natural by Taliah Waajid

17) Nature's Baby Organics

18) Knotty Boy a natural line for children with locs

19) Lice B Gone

20) Love me Baby Me This is a complete hair and bod care line for babies

21)So Cozy

22) Original Sprout

23) Weleda

24) Karen's Body Beautiful I went to the store to purchase this one. Not only is Karen really nice, but the baby beautiful line is nice all around.


  1. A woman after my own heart! Thanks for all the product lines for babies. I am pretty much sold on Karen's Baby Beautiful after reading the ingredients. I must try! I see her store is in BK. I rarely make it out that way, so I'll probably just order online. I didn't know Kinky Curly had a kiddie line either. Wow...the internet is a wonderful thing...

  2. :-) I am glad that you found this post useful.


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