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Jan 24, 2010

A commitment to us.

Once upon a time I obsessed over my hair and the hair of my future children. I’m talking deep conditioning twice a week, only using home made products etc. That obsession turned to neglect. I ashamed to say I have not done right by my hair in a long time. And to be completely honest with myself I could be doing better with my booba’s. How can I expect her to grow up loving her natural beauty if I don’t take care of it and instill those habits in her? I don’t want her obsessing over her hair and I highly doubt I will ever take her to weekly, or even bi monthly hair salon appointments but. I do want her to love and take care of herself. I don’t want her to grow up asking for a perm because she doesn’t know how to take care of her hair.

So today I am taking a step backwards. With all that is going on in my life it is unrealistic for me claim that I will take care of my hair the way I once did, but I can commit myself to change. In fact I have already started braiding my booba’s hair much more often. Still I feel the need to make it official. I am making the following promises to myself and my booba.

I will deep condition my hair weekly.
I will stop sleeping with my hair out.
I will not allow myself or my booba to have an out doo two days in a row.
I will wash my booba’s hair twice a week, once co, once w shampoo.( this is open to change depending on how her hair takes to this)
I will invest in a sleep cap for my booba.....insha'allah this will help her dry spot
I will buy or make a hair length growth shirt..for motivation.....


  1. Heey I remember you from nappturality. Its good to find other natural muslimahs I'll be subscribing inshallah. I hate to say it but I am in the same boat as you. I think we sometimes tend to get a bit lazy when wearing hijab, shhh.

  2. lol. So sorry it took so long to respond I just saw your comment. Yes it is easy to get into a funk.


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