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Aug 29, 2009

Eating healthy

So I’m trying to eat healthy. I have been taking baby steps. I have switched from white rice and pasta to brown. We try to bake, ovenfry, grill, steam you know avoid deep frying. I’m almost only drinking 100% juice. I try to do frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. The problem is if my mom see’s a sale the eat healthy agreement goes out the window. I also let some of my healthier habbits go while I was pregnant so I’m working on getting them back. For example before I was pregnant I stopped eating egg yolks because of my cholesterol, but I needed protein because I developed preeclampsia so I got hooked again. Being home/ pregnant brought some good habits too. I forced/ was forced to eat more veggies.

But now that I’m not pregnant I do not put as much thought into eating vegetables. Even though I’m nursing my veggie intake has decreased. It decreased after she was born and now that she’s eating solids I see it dwindling more. You know I no longer have to eat carrots(drenched in honey) for her; I can feed em ( mashed with no honey) to her. With that said I gotta get it together. I’m like a kid I either have to put cheese on my veggies or hide them in my food.

I really want my boobala to grow up eating healthy, so that it’s second nature to her. So when wants a sweet she’ll crave fruit before candy. I will let the foodnetwork and my vegetarian friends inspire me to establish some tasty vegetable dishes to add to my signature recipe collection. I think food created with the vegetarian in mind is going to be the way to go. I just finished some vegetable dumplings and they were yummy (next time I will order them steamed and not fried).

If you have a recipe please post it here.

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  1. i love dipping fruits in yogurt. i don't like sweet stuff, so usually i buy plain yogurt. but if u like things sweeter (which from the honey dipped carrots u do), try dipping fruit in vanilla yogurt. some good fruits to try this on: strawberries, honeydew, peaches, apples.

    i also love fresh pineapples (not from a can), but can't eat it raw (makes my tongue itchy). so i cook it with a sprinkle of sugar and a dash of cinnamon. delicious!


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