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Aug 25, 2009

No bottles for this baby doll

Baby Alive, You & Me, Little Mommy are all dolls that are designed to be as real as possible. Some come with bottles, birth certificates, car seats, you name it. While others pee, cry, and sleep. So whats the newest life like function in dolls? Nursing!!! Yes you read correctly. Berjuan, a company in Spain recently released Bebe Gloton. Bebe Gloton is created with the promotion of breastfeeding in mind.

The doll comes with a halter top to be worn by the doll owner. When Gloton is placed at the flowers it makes a feeding sound. It also cries until it is burped. There have been mixed reactions to the doll. Many say it is too grown and encourages sexualisation of girls. While others say comments like that just show that their is a need for the normalization of nursing. I have skimmed responses to this doll and found that women who breastfed say their children already pretend to nurse their toys. Actually, while most of the coverage I've read about the doll is negative most of the posted blog responses I've read think the doll is a good idea.

So would I buy this doll for my boobala? If they start producing a brown skinned version and sold in the US for less then the 44 Euros it's currently selling for, yes.

If you want to check out the doll for yourself here is the Bebé Glotón official site click “mecnanismos” followed by“Bebe Gloton”. For additional coverage of the doll check out Mail online or thingamababy.

1 comment:

  1. I am so happy you started blogging again. That's interesting. I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing, but that could be the PH speaking, lol. With all the people in the world who are refusing to breastfeed this may be a bump in the right direction.


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