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Aug 29, 2009

Baby hijabis

We all see the pictures of babies of babies in hijab and say aaaaawwwww. You can’t help but aww they are babies, they are always just so cute. I’ve never really thought about putting one on my babe at this age. But I came across this website where this sister sells hijabs and I got the impulse to buy. Not because I think I need to train my boobala to wear hijab, but because they were just so adorable. Well my empty pockets stopped me from purchasing. But I found myself thinking if I did buy one would I even put it on her? Everyday, Fridays? Would she keep them on? (she is not a fan of hats, but she wears her headbands.)

It’s funny because until I saw the hijabs for sale I had no interest in buying one for her. No interest despite the fact that when I go to jumah my babe is one of the few, if not the only baby without a hijab on. And despite the random sisters suggesting I should start putting hijab on her. (Before I continue, for those who do not know, my daughter is 8 months).

Even prier to having my babe I’ve had this romantic idea of how my daughter would start wearing hijab. She would walk up to me one day after she hit puberty and say mommy I want to wear hijab. Then we would have a conversation about what it means and go hijab shopping. I’ve dreamt of her coming to me for hijab fashion advice and me (having magically acquiring the skills) fixing her hijab up in fabulous styles that rival the most acclaimed hjab stylist (Yes there is a such thing).

I don’t want to “train” her to wear hijab. I’m not opposed to strongly suggesting she think about dressing modestly. But I don’t want to feel like I forced her into anything. I want her to do it, but I want it to come from her. To be a reflection of where she is spiritually, not a false representation of her iman. I want her to own it, love it, understand it etc etc etc.

And before she is at the age of understanding her wearing hijab would simply be a reflection of what I want her to wear. That is not to say that if she is four and she wants to dress like mommy :-D I won’t be like YAY!!! But let’s make a full circle. Babies and hijab or even kids and hijab, how do you feel?

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  1. Salaam sister:
    My six year old asked me if she could wear hijab to school the other day,and I told her 'no'...I don,t believe it is necessary until puberty, and in addition to that I also feel that I want her to be fully aware of what it means. We live in a fairly white part of the uk with few hijabis and I want her to be strong enough to stand up to people who criticize her for wearing it. A friend of ours had to pull her 12 year old out of school because of bullying she experienced as the only hijabi in class.

  2. If your child is asking you to wear it, she is very pious, and I believe you should allow her, and it will be her choice to take it off. However, if you say no now, she will most likely not wear it when she hits puberty, youre leading her into that realm where once shes fashionable acceptable to her classmates, she will stay this way naouzibillah. Who should she please, ALLAH or these kufaar?


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