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Feb 2, 2012

Switching it up again.

So you know every now and then I do a health make over. And well its about that time again. Super excited about the new changes :-D and I expect them to continue to change but here is where I am now.

My daily vitamin routine.

Last week I ran out of two vitamins so this is where it is right now.

I take Echinacea daily. This is more recent. I take this herb supplement because I work with kiddies and want to keep my immune system up. The brand I use is solgar. It is vegetarian suitable. Which is important to me because that means it is halal. A problem I run into is that many vitamins are made with gelatin or other animal stuff :-/. I also have some for my boobala. It is actually a combination of echinacea and proplis, by natures way.

Oh the newest addition to my vitamins is my Black seed. I am using Amazing Herbs and it is the kind with Garlic. I am taking this one because black seed is a sunnah and because of the cardiovascular benefits. That is also why I choose the garlic Varity because garlic helps with hypertension. As you know my booba literally raised my pressure and although it is down I want to be sure I keep it down.

Lastly I am using Deva Vegan Hair, nails and skin. I love “beauty” vitamins because they always work as a multi vitamin with the added bonus of things that are good for nails, skin and hair like biotin among other things.

The vitamins/minerals I have just run out of are:

My Flax seed oil. I used Health from the sun because it is again vegetarian. I have been alternating between flax seed and fish oil since college. This is because that is when I learned that I had high cholesterol. Now granted I haven’t checked my cholesterol since then, I still take them out of habit, precaution and because they are good for you. The reason why I have not rushed to stock back up is because of my addition of black seed which does have cardiovascular benefits. I will restock though.

I also just finished my Maxi- Hair by country life. I alternate between Deva Vegan and Country life. They have many of the same ingredients, but some differences and I can’t decide which one I like more so I alternate. :-D

My sugar addiction.

Ok I will admit it, I am addicted to sugar.

Well you’ll know my long going love affair with honey. Sigh it really is wonderful. Well what you don’t know is I have been cheating on it :-/. Yea sometimes I put honey AND sugar. I have recently gotten into agave. But something about pouring that powdery goodness. I think it is mental. Well it is not going away and now it doesn’t have to because I have found Xylitol. One of my parents introduced me to it months ago. I do not know why I didn’t hop on it then, but anyway I now know better. Especially after I realized nuri loves sweets and we went through dental work. Stevia will be my alternative. More on both.

On that… I have also gotten us into the habit of brushing three times a day. That’s up from two. Yep after we eat lunch at school we get to brushing. (We use tomes, both the orange mango flavor, me the gel, nuri the childrens anti cavity. She also has bubble gum mouth wash, really not trying to go through that again)


So you know I have switched to sea salt. I am now trying out Himalayan rock salt, I will let you know if it becomes staple. It would have to be pretty amazing to beat my Trader Joes less than 3 dollars sea salt. But from what I have read up on, it seems pretty amazing.

" Containing all of the 84 elements found in your body, the benefits of natural Himalayan Crystal Salt include:

Regulating the water content throughout your body.

Promoting a healthy pH balance in your cells, particularly your brain cells.

Promoting blood sugar health and helping to reduce the signs of aging.

Assisting in the generation of hydroelectric energy in cells in your body.

Absorption of food particles through your intestinal tract.

Supporting respiratory health.

Promoting sinus health.

Prevention of muscle cramps.

Promoting bone strength.

Regulating your sleep -- it naturally promotes sleep.

Supporting your libido.

Promoting vascular health.

In conjunction with water it is actually essential for the regulation of your blood pressure. "

Protein shakes

So I have gone through a few brands of protein shakes and I am still loving shakeology. I am drinking them once in the morning since I am not liking my new sad breakfast routine (yogurt and or currant roll) and you’ll now I can not function with out breakfast. I will say that I like the chocolate more than the greenberry. Which I have now tried. But to be fair I have not made many recipes with the greenberry. I will say that I like the greenberry better than my alternative which is natures way alive, vanilla. Natures way is going to be my I can’t afford to buy shakeology alternative. It has a lot of really good things in it as well and is like a 6th of the cost. But it does NOT taste good. Oh super excited shakeology is coming out with a strawberry flavor this month I can not wait!

Work outs!

Oh workouts… smh Let me just say it is time to start again. The plan is a mix between turbo fire and cha lean extreme. I might toss in an extra ab work out a couple of times a week. (that is me saying I want to commit to it but not set up self up for not following through) I have just been thinking on biggest looser these very Unfit people work out 14 hours a day. Clearly I need to change my life because I am not working out that much and how will I see results yesterday.


Thanks to my inspiring students I am moving along with my Quran and dua memorization. Allhumdullilah.

Things I still need to make over.


Yea I said it… I can’t kick my habit of secret. I don’t know what is up with that. I have used toms roll on and their solid( it has improved since 07). But somehow that blue bottle keeps coming back into my life. Oh I will say that I LOVE Oyins funk butter. Well what does Oyin make that isn’t amazing? It smelled good and WORKED! And didn’t have that cancer causing aluminum. If only they started making it in a roll on form. (Which they can because their body butters come in that type of container)


I need to fall back in love with my hair. Did I say that? Yes I do, sigh. I haven’t gone off the deep end, cotton pillow cases are still not a part of my lifestyle. I’m still loving my “natural”, mineral oil free, ph balanced hair products. I just don’t get excited about doing it anymore L (I am excited about nuris hair accessories though J ) think it is time to make that commitment to myself and loc things up! That or at least a professionally done set. Birthday gift to me, maybe?

I have neglected my honey washes and my skin is suffering. No acne or anything, But I feel like my pore are clogged and huge and missing my honey glow. L

That is it for now.. things from my previous post still stand, brown is what I’m down with when it comes to rice and bread. Still trying to stick to water and 100 % juice; although for nuri I do less than 100% sometimes, if it is honesty drink. They have low sugar, and it is cane juice not that fructose junk. Oh I eat yogurt a lot now, like 4 to 5 times a week, greek (clearly better) and regular. We know yogurt has amazing health benefits.

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