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Dec 30, 2010

Curlformers and its alternative

So about a year ago I jumped on the Curlformers bandwagon. I can not say that I am unhappy that I did because I love my curlformers. I love that I am able to get nice ringlets that are relatively even, close to the roots with out heat. Curlformers are wonderful, they work for all hair types. What is not wonderful is the price. These things are costly, and you can only purchase them from a few stores, their website, Sallys and if your lucky Amazon and Ebay. I actually ordered mine used from someone on ebay. As wonderful as they are, I could not afford to pay 50$ for a set of rollers. I am sure that if you do your own research on them the complaint you will hair most often is the price. You can buy a Salon set with rollers for about 50$ or 8 to 10 rollers depending on the size for 11$. Curlformers comes in four different styles, short and narrow, long and narrow, extra long and wide and long and extra wide. Each box or package comes with only one style.

So I have been in search of an alternative and I found them. Magic Leverage.
As of now I can not vouch for how good they are, as I have not purchased them yet. But I can tell you they LOOK identical to Curlformers. I can also tell you that you can get 18 rollers for less then 8$ including shipping, while the cheapest price you can get Curlformers for is 11 for 8 to 10 rollers not including shipping. Aside from the price difference Magic Leverage gives you two sizes to a box with four different colors, it also has a colorful rod. Unlike Curlformers Magic Leverage comes in only two styles, but you get both styles in each box.

Once I get a set, I will compare and share my results. Well I wont SHOW my results, but I will tell you what I think. Have you tried them what do you think?


  1. Yea, I didn't buy the curlformers because they're so darn expensive. I'll definitely try out the Magic Leverage.


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