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Mar 13, 2010

Nunu the Nibbler

So about a month ago I found out that my booba has lost significant weight since starting daycare. Now it could be attributed to herb being more active, to me nursing less, to her not being fed enough at school. More than likely its a combination of the before mentioned and more. Still I have been on a search to find a way for her to eat more.
I have found that my babe does not like me to feed her unless she is eating off of my plate. To sit down and give her food in her highchair it doesn't happen. Yet, she will eat with other people, at school she eats baby food, with her father she eats what he feeds her, the lit goes on. I think she just associates me with her uh milk source. So unless she is mimicking me and taking what I eat she doesn't want it. In fact when I try to feed her something she takes it from my hand and tries to feed it to me.
Anyway while I was searching I came across a suggestion by Dr. Sears. He suggest a nibbling tray. He says " . Offer a nibble tray. Toddlers like to graze their way through a variety of foods, so why not offer them a customized smorgasbord? The first tip from the Sears' kitchen is to offer toddlers a nibble tray. Use an ice-cube tray, a muffin tin, or a compartmentalized dish, and put bite-size portions of colorful and nutritious foods in each section. Call these finger foods playful names that a two-year-old can appreciate, such as:
  • apple moons (thinly sliced)
  • avocado boats (a quarter of an avocado)
  • banana wheels
  • broccoli trees (steamed broccoli florets)
  • carrot swords (cooked and thinly sliced)
  • cheese building blocks
  • egg canoes (hard- boiled egg wedges)
  • little O's (o-shaped cereal)
I have tried it the past two weekends and I must say I like. We use a breast milk tray( I don't express often anymore) and I have put, gold fish, cheerios, Yogurt melts, grapes, rains, crackers, animal crackers and bananas. I love that this helps me keep a track of what she is eating(minus food thrown on the floor). I also love the autonomy it gives her. It works much better for us then me trying to put her on a feeding schedule. She can eat on demand, just like she nurses on demand, just like we adults eat when we want.

It is also interesting to read Dr. Sears nutritional note

NUTRITIP: Good Grazing – Good Behavior

A child's demeanor often parallels her eating patterns. Parents often notice that a toddler's behavior deteriorates toward the end of the morning or mid-afternoon. Notice the connection? Behavior is at its worst the longer they go without food. Grazing minimizes blood-sugar swings and lessens the resulting undesirable behavior.

Read other tips here or here.

1 comment:

  1. that sounds like a great idea. although i wish he didn't call it grazing. reminds me too much of cows. and Nuri is too cute to be compared to a cow.


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